The 10 ‘Hidden Benefits’ of Bespoke Recruitment

Call us self-centred, but we truly believe in the value of recruitment as a professional service. To prove it, we’ve come up with 10 ‘hidden benefits’ good recruiting can do for your business.

At Ambra, we like to describe our service as ‘personal’, ‘bespoke’ and ‘consultative’. They’re words that sound nice on a flyer (and we do deliver on them!) …but what do they actually mean? And how will those qualities help your business, on the ground?

It’s certainly something our clients are keen to understand: “Where’s the value?”

Clearly, our primary job is to help you fill vacancies. We connect with talented, hard-to-reach candidates and match them up with suitable employers.

But our strongest relationships with clients involve a lot more than that, and that’s where our personal, bespoke, consultative service level comes into play. Despite what you might think of our profession (we’ve heard it all!), we’re in this job because we love building businesses and teams – helping you on that journey is what it’s all about.

So, at this week’s Team Ambra meeting, we challenged ourselves to come up with 10 ‘Hidden Benefits’ of recruitment, beyond filling a vacancy.

And here’s what we came up with…

(Our brainstorming sheet!)

1 – Hire Amazing

(Cheating already – not exactly a ‘hidden benefit’ this one!) But, actually, maybe it’s more hidden than you’d think! Because ‘hiring amazing’ is very different to ‘hiring OK’. Top performing employees, the ones who go above and beyond, deliver 4x more value than their average ‘Homer Simpson’ counterparts.

2 – Understand Who’s Out There (Really)

The #01 challenge of all recruitment is matching demand and supply. If your role has remained unfilled for weeks and months on end, ‘lack of available talent’ could well be an issue. A recruiter who’s experienced in your specialism and local area will help you understand who’s out there, who’s looking for work and what would really tempt them.

3 – Sense-Check Growth Plans

Whether you’re growing a small business or a team within a big company, deciding who to hire is one of the biggest decisions you’re likely to make. Sometimes there’s an obvious need. Other times you’re planning into the distant future. Having someone to discuss growth plans with (and, crucially, who’ll push back with suggestions) can be an invaluable first step.

4 – Boost Your ‘Employer Brand Reach’

OK, a bit jargon-y. We mean – there’s only so many people you can reach with advertising, or who you can speak to yourself. Work with a specialist recruiter and we’ll happily name-drop your brand, talk you up and get you connected with a whole new band of potential candidates.

5 – Advertise Effectively

Recruitment is not a numbers game. It’s about making human-to-human connections. Good advertising helps make those connections happen. Bad advertising adds nothing but white noise.

6 – Share The Burden

Let’s face it – hiring new staff doesn’t always go to plan. Worse still, when workloads pile up and stakeholders lose patience, pressure can become intense. Good recruiters understand those pressures, and can help you find a way out of them by maintaining focus or – if needs be – adapting approach for a better chance of success.

7 – Find Personality Matches

When personality fit is an absolute must, the recruiter you’re working with better understand what your team’s personality actually is, or what hope is there?

8 – Skip Yourself An Admin Step

…Or two. …Or three. There’s a huge amount of administration that comes with hiring – from sourcing to screening, interviewing to inducting. Having someone you can trust to take on some of that workload frees up valuable time for you to spend elsewhere. Or just take a breath for once.

9 – Accept Speculative Candidates

Yes – you’ve got a role to fill now, and that’s priority. But if your business is growing, there’ll be more to fill in future. Keep an open mind to how new talent might fit into your organisation, and you can leave your recruiter with a long-term, semi-open brief ‘just in case’ a superstar comes onto market. Can’t hurt.

10 – Save Your Business Cash

*Shock* Surely not!? It’s no secret that using a recruiter is – of course – going to cost you more than advertising on the local paper’s website, or posting an advert on social media. But when you combine the ‘hidden benefits’ of a) candidate quality, b) time saved, c) …points 1 through 9 – we’re convinced it’s one of the best ROI value investments you can make.

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