The Critical Importance of Effective HR in Scaling Businesses

In any growing company, ‘people’ are an absolute priority. Talent, shared vision, motivation and organisation are all required to scale and grow business. Acquiring, engaging and retaining the right calibre of employee is a central goal of any expanding enterprise.

HR teams play a critical role in this regard. In fact, supporting business growth through effective talent acquisition and people management is arguably HR’s most fundamental function. By understanding high-level business growth plans, effective HRs can create, implement and maintain structures achieve this goal.

What separates exceptional HR professionals from their peers, though, is the ability to source and nurture ‘quality’, both on an individual and a workforce level. Talented individuals, supported by well-planned learning and engagement programmes, allow businesses to expand with confidence and ease.

Further, by ensuring diligent implementation of employment policy and procedural structures – alongside careful management of employee relations – HR mitigates against roadblocks to growth. Legal disputes, communication breakdowns and ineffective planning can all come in the way of growth plans, but are avoidable with strong HR management.

Key ways that HR supports business growth include:

  • Translation of business growth plans into workforce and resource planning
  • Active promotion of employer brand and opportunities
  • Acquisition process management, including cultivation of talent supply relationships
  • Identification and engagement of leadership talent
  • Effective induction, development and engagement schemes
  • Implementation of streamlined HR procedures
  • CPD continued development for skill progression
  • Prudent management of employee relations

The State of Surrey & Sussex’s HR Talent Market

The market for HR Professionals here in the Gatwick Diamond, Surrey and Sussex, is buoyant. Our extensive experience speaking to both employers and candidates in the area gives us confidence in both supply and demand for CPD Qualified professionals. However, it’s those exceptional HR professionals who can deliver what’s needed for business growth who are always in highest demand, and where the market becomes most competitive. 

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