How To Hire Top Performing Professionals, Locally

There’s a talent shortage in Surrey and Sussex, and it’s making life hard for many businesses. Hiring professionals with experience and command of their specialism can present serious challenges to growth plans.

Attracting top talent away from Central London seems to be many business’ primary goal. Even as the pain and price of the city commute increases, though, candidates seem reticent to consider roles closer to home, citing higher earning potential and scope of professional opportunity.

Employers who follow a few key principles can, however, quickly turn hiring problems into successful growth. In fact, many businesses have significantly more to offer potential candidates than they realise – an opportunity easily capitalised on through effective communications.

5 Key Principles For Attracting High-Calibre Talent

1 – Communicate Purpose

Sell the ethos, mission and passion of your company or team. High performers aspire to align themselves with purposeful companies, so communicate the big picture clearly.

2 – Capture The ‘Challenge’

Professionals look to find the best match for their skills, where they’ll be stretched and have genuine opportunities to succeed. Convey potential for reward and success.

3 – Market-Match Salaries

Talent is a market like any other, and salary remains a dominant factor in all decisions. Do your research and prepare to pay more to seal the deal in this competitive market.

4 – Highlight Lifestyle Benefits

Location, company culture and personal benefits can work significantly in your favour, particularly when comparing overall working lifestyle with city centre careers.

5 – Keep An Open Mind

Consider adapting your role based on available talent, and even building business plans around individuals. Utilising individuals’ strengths will ultimately make your business stronger.

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