Surrey & Sussex Skills Shortage: Digital Marketing Specialists

In Surrey & Sussex, demand for digital marketing expertise far outstrips talent supply. If you know your PPC from your SEO – and particularly if you’re commuting into London for work – that news should be music to your ears.

Here’s what we know:

  • Brand head offices originally based themselves here in the leafy home counties for its quality of life benefits (ideal for senior executives!)
  • As London salaries have boomed, companies here have often struggled to compete…
  • …but now, the salary difference is levelling. Businesses we talk to understand how valuable digital skills are to their competitiveness, and are increasingly realising they have to pay for talent.
  • Plus, with train services getting ever-more expensive and ever-less reliable, the benefits of skipping the commute increasingly clear!

So, who’s hiring?

  • Companies hiring the area include both B2C and B2B businesses of all kinds, though experience of ‘less sexy’ industries like financial and professional services is highly prized.
  • Departments with traditional marketing expertise, but who lack the practical digital skills to put plans into action.
  • Larger businesses seeking senior marketing executives with an understanding of digital channels, and how to include them within the classic marketing mix.

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Ambra hires digital marketing specialists across Surrey & Sussex. We can even work on your behalf, pitching you in to potential employers in your area. Could be the best decision you’ll make this year!

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